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DLS International public school . I go to D L S, the best preschool in my neighborhood!
I love coming to my school! Here, I can play with so many of my friends. My teachers make me play amazing games and take part in fun activities that help me learn the alphabet, numbers, drama, and so much more!
Let me show you what all i get to do and learn at my D L S School!0
Illume (nurtures unique learning styles)
At D L S School, we believe that every child is different with a different potential-an infinite one. So, we have our very own pedagogy, illume, that intends to help your child realize his/her unique abilities in a systematic manner. Through illume, D L S helps your child discover her own individual learning style and achieve all the desired learning outcomes that you had in mind for him/her.
D L S realized that expectations from a preschool have evolved over time and conducted extensive research spanning parents, teachers, and partner expectations to develop an updated, integrated curriculum-interactive illume. Through this curriculum, D L S offers teaching methodologies and processes that are state-of-the-art and address the changing needs of children of the 21st century.

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